Lemurian Seed Crystal (Unpolished Channeller)
Lemurian Seed Crystal (Unpolished Channeller)
Lemurian Seed Crystal (Unpolished Channeller)

Lemurian Seed Crystal (Unpolished Channeller)

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Lemurian seed crystals are an extraordinary type of clear quartz that were planted in the ground by the Lemurians, for their knowledge to be uncovered when future generations needed it. Working with this crystal raises the unity consciousness and reminds us of our oneness to all of creation and embodies Divine Feminine energy.

This beautiful and unique Lemurian channeler has a time link activation window which energetically points to opening the right brain functions including intuition and creativity. One side of this crystal has an imprint of another crystal with an array of small crystals on the surface and sediment within the self healed section. This crystal has striations of coding on all sides of its body which is extremely rare and emanates a strong Divine Feminine vibration which is perfect for energy work and deep personal healing on the heart chakra upwards to the soul star chakra and gifts this beautiful transcendent healing energy through a large rainbow inside one of the upper faces. Rainbows within crystals are created when they experience some type of trauma. They remind us that pain can be turned into something beautiful through healing.

When you attune to the wisdom and the teachings of this crystal, your spirit will awaken and you will unlock your deeper knowing. The more you work with this crystal and resonate with its energy, the greater your wisdom and your own consciousness will expand.

This Crystal has a large channeller face which can be used to attune your higher vibrational knowledge and guides.

This piece is sourced from the Sierra Do Cabral Mountains in Brazil.

Features: Large channeling face, rainbow inclusions, high clarity, unpolished and deep striations, stands upright.

𓏙 Weight: 383g

𓏙 Height: 10cm

𓏙 Base Diametre: 5.5cm