Polished Lapis Lazuli Gemstone
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Polished Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

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Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones and has been used for thousands of years, tracing back to ancient Egypt. Its deep, celestial blue is symbolic of the cosmic connections between the earth and the stars and helps purify lower energies, transcending consciousness into higher vibrations.

It is used to connect to higher dimensions of reality, astral travel, dreamwork and spiritual attunement.

Lapis is associated with the throat chakra and speaking our truth. It is also wonderful for assisting in openness, inner power, love purification and intuition. Lapis helps one open up to their psychic abilities and strengthens ones mind and body. Lapis allows us to tap into our own inner power while purifying the soul and thoughts and assists in contacting our spirit guides and higher self. 

This large polished Lapis Lazuli gemstone weighs 331g with dimensions H 65mm x W 65mm x 30mm.

Sun sign: Sagittarius

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Throat