Starbrary Quartz (Double Terminated)
Starbrary Quartz (Double Terminated)
Starbrary Quartz (Double Terminated)

Starbrary Quartz (Double Terminated)

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This crystal is a Starbrary quartz. It is a record keeper and double terminated, allowing energy to flow in both directions as well as having a deep doorway on the largest face (next to the record keeper triangle facing the opposite way to the doorway - again emphasising the powerful two way energy this crystal embodies. This is a beautiful crystal to support deep and entrenched energy blockages (which manifests as intense emotional states, physical pain in the body, restlessness or disease). This crystal is an old soul (has barnacles attached to one side) and has deep cosmic wisdom to share. 

This crystal has a very powerful cosmic energy and, as I handle crystals every day, immediately when I held this crystal it felt noticeably lighter than a normal crystal of similar size. It definitely as a different kind of energy and I believe the soul who is meant to work with this crystal will find it. If you find it hard to feel subtle crystal energy, you are likely to be able to feel this crystal as it’s energy is very pure.

Starbrary quartz are the encyclopaedias of cosmic knowledge and when I feel the energy from this crystal it comes through as a mix of Atlantian, Lemurian and extra terrestrial energy and would best suit lightworkers and healers who are actively working with crystal energy.


Starbraries are identifiable by unique glyph-like symbols, markings, or sometimes geometric patterns along their shafts (occasionally also on the main face) and usually will also have a doorway/portal or key. And even if they don’t have keys, which they may not, they always have a shape that makes them very easily and comfortably held in such a way that helps to access the opening to these many layers of information stored within.

Similar to record-keeper/recorder crystals, you unlock the doors by aligning your fingers with them and this facilitates journeying though the multiple layers of informational experience while you are in meditation. The information can come through as still images, sounds, moving images, a subtle warm feeling, short phrases which may be so clear and deep cutting that you know its not your own thoughts. The more you work with this crystal, the more your energy is likely to resonate with its energy, making it easier for you to access the information.

Written instructions are provided how to best work with this crystal to unlock its wisdom.