Anahata Rose Quartz + Flower Wand

Anahata Rose Quartz + Flower Wand

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Anahata or heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra in Hindu Yogic traditions. Anahata means "unhurt, unbeaten." 

Our Anahata Rose Quartz Flower Wand is created with intentions to find those in need of love and to harmonise the heart chakra, which is the energetic centre of our being. If this wand has found you, perhaps you need to take a moment to connect to your heart. 

This wand is lovingly made with Tiki Fern, Lavender, Baby’s Breath, Snowballs, Pink Myrtle (Thryptomene), Baby Blue Green Eucalyptus.

You can use this wand for rituals, meditation, smudging (instructions included) or adorning your sacred space.

Rose quartz crystal dimensions: approx. height 3.5cm x width 2.5cm. Dimensions may vary slightly. 

Wand dimensions: height: 20cm, base diametre: 3.5cm, crown diameter: 9cm. Dimensions may vary slightly.

All of our wands are limited and we change floral arrangements regularly, so we recommend purchasing if you like the current design.