Lavender + Yerba Santa + Clear Quartz Energy Cleansing Stick
Lavender + Yerba Santa + Clear Quartz Energy Cleansing Stick

Lavender + Yerba Santa + Clear Quartz Energy Cleansing Stick

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Our Lavender + Yerba Santa + Clear Quartz Energy Cleansing Stick encourages neutralising negative energy, spiritual protection and heightening intuition. 

Yerba Santa (translated in Spanish to 'Holy Herb’ or ‘Sacred Herb') is a deeply revered plant in purification, protection, healing, spiritual expansion, courage, psychic abilities and intuition resonance. It's a great herb for releasing emotion pain blocked in the heart chakra. Lavender is associated with the third eye chakra (Ajna) which rules over our intuition. This stick also includes baby Blue Green Eucalyptus and native wild harvested white Rice flowers. 

This energy cleansing stick is paired with a double termination clear quartz point. Clear quartz is a master healer, which also clears energy blocks. Our quartz point are all double terminations, so they are great for moving energy in two directions.

Our Yerba Santa is wild harvested from sustainable sources in California, where it grows as a native plant. Our Lavender is harvested from a farm in rural Victoria, Australia.

Height: 22cm, Crown diametre: 4cm.

This stick comes with written instructions of how to perform an energy cleansing ritual.

About Energy Cleansing

Intention paired with smoke from herbs and flowers has been used for thousands of years to clear negative energies. From the ancient Egyptians, right across Europe, the Middle East, Asia & Indigenous Australians. Cleansing your environment, objects or your body can have significant effect on your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.