Yerba Santa Smudge Stick
Yerba Santa Smudge Stick

Yerba Santa Smudge Stick

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Yerba Santa (translated in Spanish to 'Holy Herb’ or ‘Sacred Herb') is a deeply revered plant in purification, protection, healing, spiritual expansion, courage, psychic abilities and intuition resonance. It is an effective herb for releasing emotion pain blocked in the heart chakra. 

This sacred herb is used to free the breath, heart, and lungs which aids in the release of stored emotions. Sometimes burned in ceremony, Yerba Santa nourishes and protects the wild parts in one's self. It can be used when in need of encouragement and courage. It is excellent for people experiencing grief, despair or melancholy.

Our Yerba Santa is wild harvested from sustainable sources in California, where it grows as a native plant.

Height: 12cm, Crown diametre: 2.5cm.

Our smudges come with full instructions of how to hold your own ceremony.

Each smudge arrives wrapped in biodegradable brown Kraft tissue paper with our Atlantis Soul logo sticker to secure.

Delivery is sent via carbon neutral shipping.

About Smudging:

Smudging has been used by many cultures across the world to clear away negative energies. It involves the burning of sacred herbs to produce smoke. This smoke is used to cleanse the energy of your home, workplace or your body.

Smoke from herbs has been used for thousands of years to clear negative energies. From the ancient Egyptians, right across Europe, the Middle East, Asia & Indigenous Australians.

Cleansing your environment & yourself can have significant effect on your emotional and mental wellbeing.