Pure C60 Oil

Pure C60 Oil

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The C60 Buckyball molecule is an electron reservoir that neutralises free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that have one or more electron too few or too many, and they will damage any biological molecule they come into contact with. The Buckminster-fullerene C60 molecule can accept several electrons in the case of a free radical with an electron surplus, and donate several electrons in case of a free radical with an electron deficit. C60 thus is an incredibly effective antioxidant, not in the least because it does not get degraded or become unstable by accepting or donating electrons. 

One way C60 functions as an antioxidant is to neutralise Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) by accepting an electron from them. The unique aspect of C60 is that accepting an electron does not alter the structure of the C60 molecule, effectively infinitely recycling it. C60 can accept or donate many electrons so it is an incredibly powerful antioxidant in the cell walls (270 x better than Vitamin C, even disregarding the recycling effect!), constantly neutralising damaging free radicals that reach the cells or mitochondria. 

Several independent studies show that C60 has no acute or sub acute toxicity in various experimental models. Oral administration of C60 dissolved in olive oil (0.08mg/ml) at repeated does (1.7mg/kg of body weight) to rats not only causes no toxicity, but it almost doubles their natural lifespan. 

Pharmacokinetic studies show that dissolved C60 is absorbed by the gastro-intestinal tract and eliminated in 20 - 30 hours. Carbon 60 fullerene can distribute more or less evenly in the organism and penetrate in various tissues and organs. It is also well absorbed through the skin. 

Carbon 60 is totally non toxic and has in fact been shown to have 'negative toxicity'. Its use has demonstrated stronger growth and longer life in several trials on lower as well as higher organisms. The original research done by Tarek Baati and his research team in 2011.

C60 is: antioxidant, anti aging, sports performance, mitochondrial energy, anti carcinogenic, memory enhancing, anti viral, neuro protective, wound and scar repairing, improved liver detoxification and hepatoprotective. 

Commonly reported results:

More energy, less sleep needed, enhanced sleep, mental improvements, lifting heavier weights, calmer and stress reduction, running longer with more effective utilisation of oxygen, less fatigue, cardiac improvements, better stamina and endurance, higher libido, more hair growth, potential antiviral (research has shown it inhibits HIV-1 and HIV-2).

Our C60 oil comes in a 100ml glass dropper bottle with a bamboo lid and uses plastic free packaging.

The oil can be consumed orally and absorbed through the gastro intestinal tract or can be out on the skin as a face or body oil. This oil has no fragrance and no flavour


99.99% pure carbon 60 in fractionated MCT oil.

This oil is unscented and is a bright magenta colour which is a result of the laser technology used to create the oil. No artificial colours are added.