Lemurian Seed Crystal - Left Time Link / Past Life Work
Lemurian Seed Crystal - Left Time Link / Past Life Work
Lemurian Seed Crystal - Left Time Link / Past Life Work

Lemurian Seed Crystal - Left Time Link / Past Life Work

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Lemurian seed crystals are an extraordinary type of Clear Quartz that were planted in the ground by the Lemurians, an ancient civilisation which exited on earth before the last ice age, for their knowledge to be uncovered when future generations needed it. Working with this crystal raises the unity consciousness and reminds us of our oneness to all of creation and embodies Divine Feminine energy. These crystals were first found in Brazil in 1999. We know astrologically that we are entering into the Age of Aquarius and the planet is energetically ascending into high consciousness. Working with Lemurian Seed Crystals will increase your connection to the 5th dimensional frequency of the New Earth.

Lemurian Quartz has distinct horizontal striations (sometimes called bar codes), that often alternate around the sides of the crystal. The marks that you can find on the crystal’s surface work as coding that’s much like today’s barcodes. Only with a Lemurian Seed Crystal, it’s a spiritual code. Unlike other Quartz crystals, Lemurian seed crystals do not need to be programmed, instead they need to be activated. This occurs when your vibration harmonises with the vibration of the crystal so that an energy exchange can occur and be assimilated by your consciousness.

Lemurian seed crystals are useful for personal healing, meditation, intuitive and energy work. In meditation, you can run you finger upward to access the crystals wisdom and downward to close the portal for receiving information.

Weight: 203g

Height: 9.5cm

Base Diameter: 4cm

Features: Characteristic horizontal striations (barcode like) on sides of crystal, self healed, rainbow inclusions, diamond time link portal, empathic warrior crystal, cool clear clarity (white frosted base).