Winter Ritual Box
Winter Ritual Box

Winter Ritual Box

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Our Winter Ritual Box includes:

* Aloe Vera + Ginger + Witch Hazel handmade soap (large 140g - 160g bar)

* Yin herbal tea (12 unbleached hand packed tea bags)

* Blue Lotus + Lapis Lazuli plant perfume roller

* Large white Californian Sage smudge stick 19cm x 4.5cm (a large stick should last for most of winter).

Winter is nature’s season of rest and restoration. Our Winter Ritual Box includes four hand selected handmade vegan products from our collections to support you through winter. This ritual box is sent in a lovely white box and is beautifully displayed with small embellishments including dried flowers and crystals.

Our Winter Ritual Box is available for a limited time only (limited stock available) at a discounted price of 15% off the retail price.

We will be announcing the contents of our Spring Ritual Box in late winter (mid August).