Our Purpose

Atlantis Soul is not just a brand that sells products, but a movement to awaken our consciousness to live once again in harmony with nature, each other and ourselves. 

We believe a lot of the problems in the world that we’re currently facing, from wars to climate change, stem from forgetting our true nature and our purpose to be living this life, on this planet.

I can’t tell you what your purpose in this life is, but I do know it lies in finding the truth of who you are, and who you are, is pure love, in physical form.

What is love? Love is humility, gratitude, peace, understanding, acceptance and harmony.

The harmony of our world at this particular time is often imbalanced. At a global level it manifests as wars between countries and on an individual level, disharmony within the body is the cause of disease and sickness. 

We want to help the world realign with its true nature and reestablish the natural harmony of our world, which is also our natural state of being. This is why most of our products are focused around self care, lifestyle and personal healing, because harmony cannot exist in the world if we do not have harmony within our own soul first.

Our products are natural and free of synthetic chemicals, artificial additives and fragrances, this is because many chemicals disrupt the body's natural processes and rhythms which inhibit homeostasis.

We hand make vegan products, meaning that no sentient being is ever harmed in production, we source our Shea butter used in our soaps directly from a women’s cooperative in Ghana and use unrefined plant materials that are certified organic and GMO free. We also don't use cheap highly industrialised oils such as Canola or Palm oil which is the cause of mass deforestation of native forests, often in developing countries. All of our essential oils are 100% pure, free of synthetics or additives.

As a company we are plastic free and use biodegradable packaging and we offset all our of annual carbon emissions (including transport and energy consumption) by purchasing carbon credits from a restorative forest project in Western Australia that plants trees to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. For more information visit

All of our products are handmade in our house in the middle of the bush in the beautiful and pristine Orara Valley, Australia. 

We don’t believe for a second that this life happened by chance, out of the infinite possibilities of the Universe, here you are, living your life, right here, right now!

Whether you believe this to be true in your own heart or not, you are given a life and you have the choice to live any manner you choose.

I hope you’ll choose love. Every single time.

Let love guide the way.


Atlantis Soul