Roadside Stall

What is Roadside Stall @ no.309

As all of our upcoming markets have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, we’ve set up a roadside stall in Upper Orara which stocks some of our handmade vegan soaps which are considered essential personal use products. We’ve named this stall ‘Roadside Stall @ no.309’.

Payment methods

We offer two ways to pay, either by cash left onsite in our secure mailbox or by paying through our website within 24 hours of collection. The products currently stocked at our roadside stall that can be purchased on our website are listed under under ‘Roadside Stall @ no.309’ in the Collections tab in the main menu.

Where is our stall located? 

Our stall is located at 309 Mount Browne Road, Upper Orara NSW 2450, Australia.

What products are available? 

Our stall has a selection of our best selling handmade soaps. The selection is alternated on a fortnightly basis. Check back on our website to see what products are currently available for purchase as our website will be updated to reflect all stock changes.

Gift bags are provided complementary for all purchases.

Special requests

For special requests, please contact us before you drive out to make sure the products are available at the stall prior to attending. We can arrange stock to left in a secure location for your collection.

Health + safety 

Our roadside stall is unattended and offers contactless purchase. We also have surgical gloves available and they are recommended before handling any products to protect everyone’s health. 


We appreciate our communities’ honesty in making the correct payment. There’s no need to steal. If you’re experiencing financial difficulty, firstly, we understand! Please contact us through our website or via our social media channels and we’ll give you some free soaps. This world is full of people resolving their karma...let’s not add to it. If you need help, we’re here, no questions asked.

Opening hours

We don’t have any hard and fast opening hours but generally products will be available from early morning til around sunset in good weather, seven days a week. If you’re unsure, please contact us through our website or via our social media channels prior to driving out to confirm.

Product sampling

Due to potential health risks, no product sampling will be provided at our stall. If you would like a free sample, please contact us prior to attending our stall and we will leave a personal use sample for you in a secure location. Please take the sample with you, to prevent other people using it. 

Want to make payment after collecting products from our stall?

Thanks for stopping by our roadside stall. We appreciate you taking the time to check out our products and to support our local business. 

To make payment, please click on the Collections tab on the menu and select ‘Roadside Stall @ no.309’ to view products. At the delivery section, please select ‘Local Delivery/Roadside Pick Up’ which is free of charge.

Additional products in all of our collections can also be purchased in the same transaction by adding them to your shopping cart. Just note in your order any items already collected and we’ll hand deliver the rest of your order within 24 hours.