Blue Spirulina + Cornflowers Bath Salts
Blue Spirulina + Cornflowers Bath Salts

Blue Spirulina + Cornflowers Bath Salts

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This bath soak is designed to detoxify, moisturise and tone your skin and body with Blue Spirulina, cornflowers, 250 million year old magnesium salts from the ancient Zechstein Sea as well as Dead Sea Salt which has a diverse profile of 21 minerals. 

Just like the ocean is the circulatory system of our planet, your blood is your body’s circulatory system that comes into contact with every other tissue of your body. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and is highly conducive to absorb nutrients and minerals which are circulated through your body. With the combination of some downtime and this bath soak, allow your body to absorb the natural goodness of Mother Earth - you will be left feeling clean, calm and reinvigorated.

The Blue Spirulina content will turn your bath water blue, however it doesn’t stain your bath, clothes or skin and washes away with water.


100% pure Zechstein Sea Salt, 100% pure Dead Sea Salt, Blue Spirulina powder, Blue Cornflowers.

~ 100% organic

~ No artificial colours or preservatives 

~ Vegan

~ Unscented

~ Cruelty free

~ Australian made

 ~ Reusable packaging (food grade glass jar)