Dead Sea Salt + Jasmine + Rose Bath Salts
White Fine Mineral Salts in a glass jar with a black screw top lid with dried red rose buds and Jasmine flowers.

Dead Sea Salt + Jasmine + Rose Bath Salts

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Dead Sea salt is renowned for its incredible healing properties as it's high in purity and mineral content. Relax and unwind and allow the minerals to absorb through your skin in a warm bath. Ease muscle tension, relieve inflammation and restore your skin's natural glow. Completely natural and vegan with dried Jasmine flowers and Rose buds for a special little touch. 

Dead Sea salt has a diverse mineral profile of magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, bromide, calcium chloride and sulphate and supports the general health and optimal function of the body by regulating muscular and cellular function, blood pressure, digestion, detoxification, nutrient absorption and fluid balance.

Jasmine and Rose are a sacred combination of botanical energy. These two flowers hold a vibration that resonates with the Heart chakra and Crown chakra and they both influence opening unity consciousness and heart expansion.

This blend has a lovely natural floral scent for a luxuriously healing bathing experience.

This healing mineral soak is:

Dairy friendly, Gluten friendly, Organic, Vegan friendly 

Expected number of baths per bottle: 2-5 baths.

Net weight: 800g