Lavender + White Sage + Smoky Quartz Smudge Stick

Lavender + White Sage + Smoky Quartz Smudge Stick

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Handmade for energy cleansing, this stick includes Californian White Sage, Grosso Lavender and an unpolished smoky quartz crystal (fossicked from central NSW).

Lovingly made to energetically cleanse your energy or space and support protection and manifestation rituals. Smoky quartz is a stone which aids in clearing emotional and energy blocks and has protective qualities.

This large smudge stick is wrapped in brown natural twine - height 19cm x width 4cm. The smoky quartz crystal has an approx height of 3cm and width of 2cm.

This energy cleansing stick comes in a biodegradable brown kraft cylinder to store your energy cleansing stick in between uses.