White Sage Torch
White Sage Torch

White Sage Torch

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This simple White Sage smudge stick offers energetic auric cleansing.

We are moving from the dense Earth energies which have been prevalent on our planet since 1802 and are now moving towards Jupiter and Saturn aligning in Aquarius, which will commence in the summer/winter solstice in 2020 and last until 2159.

Now is the time to clear out any unwanted dense Earth energies. It is time to let go and flow into the lighter air energy frequency that is being sent to us as a gift from the stars for the betterment of all of humanity.

Smudging is an ancient practice in which we can work with the lighter air energies and dense earth energies at the same time.

Each smudge stick is blessed with the intention to find those who need of assistance in clearing unwanted energies and to assist in your own personal healing journey through ascension into Love and Light.

We also have other smudge sticks available on our website which incorporate rough cut smoky quartz from Australia, wild harvested florals, cinnamon sticks, Palo Santo sticks and wild harvested feathers.

The dimensions of the smudge sticks are 12cm x 3.5cm.

Our White Sage has been sustainably harvested in accordance with CA PC384(a).