Zechstein Sea + Dead Sea + Rose Bath Salts (optional w/pink clay)

Zechstein Sea + Dead Sea + Rose Bath Salts (optional w/pink clay)

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This luxurious floral salt bath blends 250 million year old Zechstein Sea magnesium salts with Dead Sea salt, Pink Australian clay (optional) with rose buds for a rejuvenating and healing bathing experience.

Zechstein Sea magnesium is known as the most purest magnesium in the world as it has been buried underneath the Earth for over 250 million years and is free of environmental pollutants and contaminants. It is known for its healing and rejuvenating benefits.

Dead Sea salt is rich in a range of minerals and is widely known for its healing benefits including improving skin hydration decreasing inflammation. 

Mineral salts are absorbed easily through the skin, which makes regular bathing a good way to boost your magnesium levels which is critical for over 300 body functions.

The whole botanicals, when mixed with warm water, release their natural oils and aromas promoting balance and inner peace.

The pink Australian clay content will colour the bath red, so we have added this as an option at the checkout selection. 

Return this bottle to us and receive $3 off your next order.

Expected number of baths per bottle: 2-4

Net weight: 800g