Blue Lotus Perfume Oil
Blue Lotus Perfume Oil
Blue Lotus Perfume Oil

Blue Lotus Perfume Oil

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Experience the pleasure of the intoxicating deep floral scent of Blue Lotus. Revered as the sacred lotus flower oil that is a natural aphrodisiac that induces a sense of peace and tranquility. It is both sedative and stimulating and is known to open the Third Eye Chakra, making it the flower of intuitive ascension. It comes in a 10ml roller for easy application on your third eye, wrists or neck.

This beautiful essential oil roller includes Lapis Lazuli chips as this gemstone assists in releasing emotional blockages and raising awareness and truth in all aspects. It pairs well energetically with Blue Lotus, enhancing its third eye activating properties. 


100% pure Blue Lotus oil (Nymphaea Caerulea), premium MCT liquid coconut oil, Lapis Lazuli gemstone chips.

Size: 7ml NET essential oil weight, 3g NET Lapis Lazuli gemstone chips.