Cinnamon Bark + Pumice Handmade Soap

Cinnamon Bark + Pumice Handmade Soap

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A lightly exfoliating and moisturising handmade vegan soap bar, infused with Kaolin clay and certified organic ground Cinnamon bark. Delight in the strong aromatic scent of spicy Cinnamon 100% pure essential oil, while lathering in a completely natural soap bar.

This soap is vegan, made from organic ingredients and is free of Canola and Palm oil, synthetic preservatives, colours and fragrances.

By purchasing this handmade soap you are assured that it is:

𓄹 Natural 𓄹 Organic 𓄹 Vegan Friendly 𓄹 Cruelty Free 𓄹 Gluten Friendly 𓄹 Palm Oil Free 𓄹 SLS and Preservative Free 𓄹 Free of artificial colours or fragrances 

Each bar weighs 150g.


Certified organic coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil, castor oil, A grade Shea butter, lye, water (filtered rainwater captured from the Orara Valley, Australia), Kaolin clay, dried ground pumice stone, dried ground coffee, 100% pure Cinnamon essential oil.